The EMPATH’s Toolbox

No matter WHAT is going on around you, you have sovereignty over your energy. You have sovereignty and choice over how you respond or react to the world around you. You have sovereignty over energy fluctuations. You have sovereignty to hold your light, no matter how much fog or darkness surrounds you.

Have you been able to recognize the subtle energy shifts throughout the day? Can you pick up on when someone or something is trying to harvest your life force energy?

Can you pick up on the subtle energy fluctuations that happen within you and people you are around? Does your mental body start to amp up? Does your emotional body get triggered with disorienting emotions? Does your behavior shift? Do you shut down and stop communicating? Are you noticing other people’s behavior, communication and emotional states shifting?

These are all subtle frequency shifts to knock you out of your sovereignty. It’s really helpful if you can pick up on these energy shifts and lean back into neutrality and balance.

Are you feeling almost bipolar at times? That is a reflection of shifting between strong polarities and is also an opportunity for you to balance the energies out within you.

Do you notice it’s difficult to hold your energy and balance around certain people? Can you feel when someone is projecting their energy on to you and if so, how do you maintain your frequency without giving more than you are receiving?

Some of us, have really cleared out a lot of our distortion energies and created space for unity consciousness. We have create space within us that have connected us “to an openness to receive.”

As leaders, we must remember to access our spiritual tool box when these subtle energy shifts (energy vampires) comes in because when these energies try to penetrate your space, it often times comes in as personal. & that’s the trap. The low vibe energy is going to make you think that it is you. That it is your thoughts, your emotions to feed off of your energy. & the only way to remain neutral is by KNOWING your own energy.

By accessing your tools and reminding yourself who you are. Identifying your own weaknesses and strengths and then building a solid, neutral foundation upon your weakness and strengths.

Another tool, taming your ego. Checking your ego. Writing things out or speaking thought forms into existence so that you can see them for what they are. Thought inventory is a practice and tool that I harness to clear out my mental space.

I also like to clear through my throat chakra. I will record videos of myself “talking it out” and then go back and watch so that I can mastery these energies from within without always needing an external tool. But with the low energies as ramped up as they are right now external tools & practices are going to be REALLY helpful.

Another tool, to tame the ego and keep your energy in check is breath work. I can’t tell you enough how much conscious breath work has changed my life and helps me maintain my frequency.

Another tool, activating your command mechanism. This is a beautiful BIRTH RIGHT that we are all born with. It is the ability to command energies in and to also denounce energies that are not serving you. You have the power to command inorganic frequencies out of your sovereign space. But you have to consciously make the choice to do so.

Another tool, starting your day off with affirmations that “set the stage” for the flow of your day. & when you set these energies in play at the beginning of your day, it makes it a lot easier to recognize when you are falling out of alignment.

Ex: “I am connected to an openness to receive” “I surrender my mind’s perception and I embrace what I am feeling” “I surrender my mind’s perception and I embrace this present moment” “I am sovereign” “I am unity consciousness” “I am empowered by reality and I declare my sovereignty no matter what is going on around me” “I have choice and that is my superpower. I get to choose how I respond to reality instead of reacting to what life throws at me” “I am patient with the world around me” etc

If you have noticed you can’t control your emotions, that is when you know your emotions are controlling you. When you can’t relax, become restless and can’t get out of your head, that is when you know it’s time to nurture yourself and clear unserving thought forms/beliefs out!

If you do not have access to tools that serve you, or daily practices that clear out and refresh your energy.. REACH OUT. This is what Danny and I offer and there are also tons of beautiful people that offer these services FOR YOU.

This is why we do what we do, to serve you and assist your in your journey. We are aware we have guides in the spiritual realm that help us every single day, but do you realize there are LIVING guides all over the planet? Living guides that have the experience and tools that will help you! It is your choice, to harness the opportunities that are before you.

We are not meant to journey this life alone and the best gift source ever gave us is the ability to be each other’s mirrors. The mirror is SO powerful! But can you tame your ego enough to actually lean in and take a hard look at yourself?

We are here to serve you, to love you and you guys are doing an amazing job! You are SO powerful on your own, but there is no doubt that we are even more powerful together! Let’s co create light family!

Sending you all Nothin but love,

Empire of Neutrality OUT 🤜💓🤛

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