How to manifest through conscious intention

We are in Libra full moon energy!

The energy is potent high flying frequency and also encourages creating structure for your dreams and goals.

This full moon energy is charging you with reinvention. Those goals that you have that you keep putting off or no matter how you attempt to pursue your goals you keep ending up short handed.. don’t worry. This full moon energy is here to help you out.

Not only is this energy inspiring new ideas and new paths to obtaining your goals but it ushers in practically!

Some of you may need to do some research, some of you may need to spend more time on your craft to build momentum, some of you may need to enrol in a program or class that can teach you different techniques to mastering your craft or reaching your goals, some of you may need to acquire a coach to keep you balanced and on track as you release self imposed limitations and open yourself up to alternative paths to your dreams. Some of you may need to let go of people and places that aren't supporting your goals. Some of you need to practice being more open to other people instead of resisting other people due of how others have treated you in the past.

This is not a time to invoke force or control to obtain your goals, this full moon energy presents you the opportunity to let go of your own ideas and structure about how to reach your goals and encourages you to be more in the feminine energy.

The moon represents powerful feminine energy. It signifies wisdom, intuition, birth, death, reincarnation, illumination and spiritual connection. Once we are attuned to the moon’s energy frequency, we can activate her innate powers and embody her qualities of fluidity, creativity, femininity, and change.

When you can soften the need to hold on so tightly, to dictate the outcome, to control the journey, when you can research and practice your craft without any feelings of obligation or urgency, you can harmonize with the divine feminine within you. Through connecting to your feminine energy you will embody a state of being that is open and receptive to all the magical energy this full moon has to offer.

This is the challenging part because you must have self trust. You must train your ego to let go of how you “think” things should be done and trust your spirit to unfold the “where, why, when, how, who” and simply focus on the what?

What are your goals? What are your dreams? What will success look like? What will you look like? What will you feel when you reach your goal? What is your mission? What are you trying to create or accomplish? What do you need in order to fulfill your dreams? What kind of money do you need? What kind of assistance do you need? What are the practical steps?

The tricky part is creating structure, steps and practically for your dreams but still remaining open to spirit changing those plans.

Tips on how to harness this Libra full moon energy:

Libra is an air sign, meaning it’s dominant frequency emits from the mental body. So how do you harmonize with the potent forces of air energy?

  1. Write out your intentions for your goals. The more specific you can be the better. Whether your goal is to attract a romantic partner, soul family, build your business etc, you can harness the energy of this full moon through conscious writing. When you are writing out your intentions, be sure to write in the first person. Write from the present moment, for this is where our most magnetic and transformational energy resides. You are literally “writing things into existence.”

For example:

Full moon in Libra intention - I am attracting like minded souls, soul-tribe and soul-family in the 3D.

Ever since I was little, I always felt different from the other kids. I remember my friends wanting to rough house, play video games or sit inside and watch tv all day. Those things were fun sometimes and I did participate, but to me, that was not my definition of playing with friends. I love being outside in nature, one of my favorite games that my brother and I created was trampoline dodgeball! One of us would have to be “it” and stand on the ground with a ball, while the rest of us jumped around freely on the trampoline. The person on the ground would run around the trampoline in circles trying to hit us with the ball! I also loved playing dress up, playing with dolls and playing basketball with my imaginary friends. I loved playing anything that allowed us to use our imagination and creativity freely.

I remember many times, my ideas for what we could do together got overlooked or pushed aside. There were many times when my ideas for play time got shut down by the other kids and I played alone. Especially when my little brother or older sister weren’t around to play with me. My brother and sister almost always said yes to playing my “silly” games.

Even though growing up, my friends were ever changing or fading away, I always had my brother and sister. I often wondered why I could have so much fun with them but when it came to other kids there was so much drama or hatefulness. I learned quickly that kids hold grudges when they don’t get their way! Lol

Now, I am 26 years old and I can finally say that I know the true meaning of friendship. Not only do I have wonderful friends like my brother and sister, but I have friends from all over the world! My childlike imagination is appreciated and encouraged by my friends. What I once called my imaginary friends, I now call my spirit guides! My friends and I have a facebook group where we share our unique ideas freely and openly. We talk about the current energies influencing the planets. We talk about shadow work and how to tame our inner sabatores. We talk about the cycles of the moon, our zodiac signs and psychic abilities. We share intimate parts of ourselves and receive healing and love through supporting each other. We talk about manifestation, energy work, reiki and we even share photos and videos of nature with each other. What I love the most, my friends and I created a safe space to be seen, heard and felt. We are accepted by each other, even when we are seeing things differently there is no attacking each other or feeling like we must defend our point of view. We have conscious conversations about really challenging topics and all points of view are cherished and honored. I am so grateful for my online community.

Not only do I have friends world wide, but I have true friends in my hometown! We love to go out into nature together and play. We sun gaze for hours, practice with the elements and cleanse our energy fields with the loving energies of nature. We go out by Lake Superior and we built fires from scratch on top the mountain rocks. We do deep breathing exercises and connect deeply in present moment awareness by expanding our energy and tuning into all of our senses. We practice yoga and talk about energy and spirituality for hours while observing magical sunsets and breathing the fresh air. We share our spiritual practices and allow each other to take the lead and guide the other. We cook dinner for each other, we share our problems, we share our happiness and so much more.

I am so thankful I opened myself up to believing there are other kids just like me, the ones that felt different, unseen, unheard but were truly magical and just not accepted and embraced. I am so thankful my brother and sister showed me that there are people that love me just the way I am. Thank you Spirit for my soul family, thank you for our tribe! I am so blessed!

As you have read above, not only did Savarah write from the present moment but she also brought up her past and where she is creating her manifestation from. By rewriting her past experiences in childhood she neutralizes and heals any fragmented energy. She takes painful memories from childhood and acknowledges that even though she felt unseen by her friends, she actually had true friends all along; her brother and sister. This acknowledgment collapses the false timelines of negativity created through her friend's rejection and flips the negative emotional charge of those memories to a positive charge. This creates a fresh, neutral playing ground to create her new manifestation from.


We are honored to share this powerful full moon ritual and conscious manifestation tool with you all. Whether you are reading this during the full moon in Libra or not, it doesn't matter. Time is not linear and the only limitations to harnessing this full moon energy and tool would be your own self-imposed doubt of your abilities to manifest!

Please feel free to share your conscious intentions with us in the comments, we would love to add our supportive energies through witnessing you and launch you even closer to your dreams.

We love you, EON

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