Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine

We are unity consciousness, journeying in a dualistic experience of ourselves.

For example: Up/down. Left/right. In/out. Masculine/feminine. Light/dark. Day/Night. Good/bad. Right/wrong.

What we forget when we incarnate into this beautiful matrix reality, is that we are not separate or opposing sides.

There is no right or wrong, only sovereign choice and the journey that is created through your free will.

What we forget, is that there is no day without night. There is no masculine without feminine. There is no expansion without contraction. Etc.

It is the very existence of duality that creates the bridge to neutrality.

BE the bridge. 💓🌈💓

When you understand who you are, you understand this reality and how it works. You understand other people and our “differences.” You have acceptance and compassion for the illusion of sides. You understand that it is not about identifying with a single side as right or wrong, but in witnessing the duality within each other without judgement that sets you free.

How does this set you free? Because as long as you are identified by a side, you are placing yourself in a box with a label that defines your very existence and the experiences that you have.

As long as your identity lies in duality you are not living in your true integrity..because YOU are unity consciousness.

As long as you play the game of duality, you will always see the world as good and bad. It is when you can witness without attachment to your own personal beliefs that you open yourself up to the whole picture.

Your feminine energy is the heart portal that connects you to source/God. Your masculine energy is the expression and affection of source/God.

The feminine is like the gps system and the masculine is the driver. The feminine can see the bigger picture, while the masculine creates that bigger picture. Without his feminine the masculine gets very tunnel visioned and begins to identify with duality, he begins to fight for what he BELIEVES is right while rejecting anything and anyone that is not on his SIDE.

However, through his heart he is reminded of his purpose and truth. His feminine relieves him of his fight. No one can fight forever without running into suffering. She relieves him of his personal beliefs/attachments and reminds him that what he is, he isn’t and what he isn’t he is..

..Just like you, you may be a man physically but you are still feminine energy. So even what you are, you aren’t and what you aren’t you are.

Unity consciousness is in accepting and embrace both sides that creates harmony within your soul and shows you the depth of who you really are.

He is love, that is all that exist. He is the problem on this planet and the solution. He is one with the all. Through his feminine, he sees that we are one source energy, incarnated as individual souls that are co-creating through our personalities and choices the very existence and experience of life itself.

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