Collective Energy Alert!

Collective Energy Alert


The collective is heavy right now. Don’t be surprised if you find people attacking you. There is a HUGE amount of suppression pulsing through the grids. Many humans have established blocks within themselves from feeling the anger and grief that lies within them. However concrete their protection is, it’s starting to over pour. People will be triggering arguments with you, and you must remember what we have taught you dear soul. It is not personal. These people simply don’t have the tools to release the suffering they are carrying so they use channels like arguments to “let off some steam.”

If you remember in the moment of the trigger or argument that it is not a personal attack on you, then you can be the example to humanity that love and unity is always an option. You have been raising your vibration for a while now and we have taught you the importance of setting boundaries in self respect and self love with the world around you.

This is your initiation dear soul, when they attack you, there will be thoughts in your mind to attack back. Your mind will justify treating them how they have treated you. People may even band together in numbers to “take you down.” Aka lower your vibration. This is the initiation to upgrading your sovereignty. In those moments, just breathe dear one, breathe and do not attach to what is being said, stand neutral and trust, this is not about you or your choices, this is only a release of built up fear and frustration.

Being sovereign and the creator of your reality is NOT validated outside of you. Oftentimes we think that being the creator means we can control, dictate or change the external. Sovereignty is an internal state of being. You will attract glimpses of your sovereign vibrational frequency externally, but we are co-creating this reality together, and you will also see the variations in vibration that reside upon the planet in the external.

Declaring your sovereignty and becoming the creator of your reality does not mean that you will only see what you put out into the world reflected back to you. There are billions of versions of you on this planet that hold just as much power as you do, simultaneously having their vibration expressed in the world. The catch is, will you be the reflection of the love that resides within them? Or will you mirror their judgment? Their anger? Their desperation? Their separation?

This is like a cheat sheet for what will be on your upcoming test/initiation. Let's take a peak into the current ascension portals and journey.

So where is this surge of anger and separation stemming from within people? Majority of it is coming from lack of trust and extreme insecurity. Many of us are being faced with tough decisions right now. To wear a mask or not? To get vaccinated or not? To stay in a relationship or not? On the surface, these decisions may seem pretty simple to make but internally many of us are finding it difficult to feel secure in our own decision. This is partly because of the contrast of information available. When our mind goes into uncertainty or insecurity we can enter into dangerous internal territory. This can also be referred to as scarcity mindset.

This is why we do what we do as light workers, we practice neutrality, unity consciousness and navigating our shadow selves so that when we are triggered or are in lower vibrational energy dynamics we can remain centered and clear minded. Uncertainty in the mind creates vibrations of lack of trust, insecurity, victim mentality, giving our power away to someone else to make the decisions for us. It can also trigger our “flight or fight” instincts which if not practiced remaining calm in, can send us on a path of extreme resistance, selfishness, condemnation and attack towards others.. Aka separation.

If you haven’t noticed already, that is the current energy dynamic that is before us. I like to think of current energy dynamics as the parameters of a level in a video game. The level itself holds specific obstacles in place to challenge your character's weakness and strengths. It is also an opportunity to elevate and evolve your character’s abilities. Sometimes, we have to play the level multiple times to gain the awareness of what it takes to navigate the obstacles in place, this is why we experience “energetic loops” on our spiritual journey. With that being said, even if you succeed in navigating the obstacles that spirit throws your way, you may be hit with the same energy dynamics multiple times to learn deeper truths about the energy at play.

Experiencing energetic loops is not a “bad” thing like some would believe, it is not a kick in the ass from the universe that you are doing something wrong and you need to “fix” it. It is actually the opposite, initiations are amplified based upon the individual's level of mastery. Some can only hold their sovereignty for limited amounts of time without having external influences penetrate their energy field and others that are well practiced can take multiple hits. You can think of this as your character's stamina in a video game. As you evolve through the levels, your capacity to take heavier hits from your opponents strengthens as you collect activations, techniques, tools and protection.

What is happening behind the scenes, and why is this happening now?

We are in a time of being inundated with choices and these choices we’ve been given are attempting to even further divide the population. Why is this? Simply put, a population that is divided can not rise up against the powers that control. There are changes that are taking place in the power structures around the globe that will usher in a new economic era for humanity. It’s not a conspiracy, it is happening. What we are being bombarded with on the back of what has been labeled as a global pandemic are mechanisms of divide and conquer, because if humanity is divided we are easily controlled. If you look at history and the conquering of nations, these devices have been used for centuries, and still even to this day.

Without going into all that, may we urge you to look into it yourself and find the information utilizing your conscious and open mind. If there is a resource that comes to mind that has work cited to further look into what is being said, watch the three part documentary Zeitgeist series available here: When consciously watching, be aware of the triggers that come up when presented with these views, as there is a lot to be aware of regarding belief structures deeply seeded inside of you that may not truly resonate with who you are transforming into. Take notes!

How is this playing out right now in our everyday lives? The divide among us is currently taking the form of: wearing masks, being obedient to lockdown regulations, to vaccinate or not to vaccinate. These are the choices before us, and rise up in us, and tempt us to be vocal and voice our opinions on these choices. We’ve seen even those with well intent, love and care for all start arguments that lead to division. The energetic transfer between two souls when in an argument over opinion, can not only carry well after within the two individuals hours after they have left the scene. That energy exchanged also ripples out into the collective, ironically like a virus, or like a rock being dropped into a lake, and affects each of us, replicating these instances in each of our lives.

The way we allow ourselves to attach to what's being said, taking it to heart (personally) or being neutral to the energy that is taking place without attaching emotions is where the true choice lies before us. We are all spiritual beings experiencing this life 7 billion different ways, being born and raised in 7 billion variations of ourselves in order to truly understand ourselves. It is through unconditional love for each of these souls no matter how distorted to our own truths they may seem, we all hold this sovereign association. We must honour each opinion, each variation to honour ourselves. Taking it personally can make you feel exhausted, emotionally drained and draws heavy on your lifeforce energy. Not a good feeling. Not taking any of it personally will free you from any and all residual yuckiness!

Now it's going to take practice and spirit has a lot of that out there for you! Lol Being consciously aware of your state of being takes just that so don’t beat yourself up if you’re not perfect on your first, second or even 111th try. We can see what our errors were in each situation through reflection and consciously stating, I can strive to do things better next time by doing this… Be brave, be sovereign, be unconditional love incarnate.

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