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What does it mean to live a life of neutrality?
In life... shit happens. Our perception of situations being good, bad, right or wrong sets our frequency of response. When we choose to live life in neutrality, we begin to consciously see situations unfolding without the burdens of resistance. We then shed feelings that are leading us towards attaching to whats happening and instead choose to not take things personally. There is an internal freedom established when we live knowing this is just a ride. Every break down is just another opportunity to breakthrough and return back to love. 

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One of the newest old soul connections to the scene, Brooke & Danny have been fast tracked by the Divine to rise and shine source’s rainbow light of unconditional love. Currently flying high vibe under the radar, these twin’s met on YouTube following their own individual call to mission entering onto the scene as Tarot readers and channels for spirit (at exactly the same time). It only took a few months of mission to find each other and instantly recognizing the mirroring divine spark within the other. As they grew down the path of connection, shedding all the falsities of who they perceived they were, they found the ‘We’ that was before them, and embraced their union.

Now true Divine Connections are filled with perceived pain as the FALSE self is relieved of its duties, yet there is a beauty within the pain that lies within the duality of life. These two have embraced the growing pains to fast track them to the consciousness creators and coaches we know them as today! If you are on the Twin Flame Journey and are seeking out a down to earth, highflying approach to ascension to tap into Union energy, these two are a definite must to have on your list of Love Vibe Tribe members! Check them out on Danny’s YouTube channel: Northern Comfort Tarot; and on Brooke’s YouTube channel: Empress of Duality to see just how bright these two shine! Not to mention the services they provide to guide you deeper and deeper in to your soul’s chosen mission and unity consciousness.

Twin Flames Brooke & Danny


Your Divine Messengers for Spirit



The Divine World Awaits

As professional Tarot Readers, Channels for Spirit, Consciousness Mentors, and Reiki Masters we are pleased to share our metaphysical gifts with all souls that step forward for guidance. As you invest in your journey, Spirit returns abundance to you 100 fold!



Feeling stuck? Is there a resistance within, holding you back, that you just can't put your finger on?

Meant as an introduction to our mentoring services, you will receive a 2 on 1 intimate session with Brooke & Danny, diving deep into what is truly at of the core of whats holding you back. and empower you with the direction you need to raise you up, dust you off, and get you rolling back towards your Awaited Fate! 

No matter what, when, why, how or who.. when God calls on me, I’m ALWAYS going to jump. Some may even call me The Fool, but I’m taking the leap of faith! Spirit lead me💖🤙
- Empress of Duality


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        Danny & Brooke are masters at what they do! Not only have i personally had multiple readings from them, I indulged into their 6 week JAF Mentorship program! I needed guidance getting through my relationship blocks and attachments. Not only did they help me conquer my negative beliefs and emotions, but working alongside these beautiful souls changed my whole life for the better! They were there with me every step of the way, with so much love, support, and accountability. I cannot recommend working with these two enough! I have so much love and appreciation for them and all of the beautiful work they do! 


Thank you Danny & Brooke! I love you both, and I'll be forever grateful for you.

Jesse - Calgary, AB Canada



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